Auburn Airwaves 2017 Frequently Asked Questions

When and where will Auburn Airwaves be?

September 18th in the Auburn Arena.


What artists will be performing at Auburn Airwaves?

2 Chainz and The Score will be performing at this year's concert. A third artist is currently in the works.


How much are tickets?

Tickets will be $16 for Auburn students and $43 for the public.


Why do we have to pay to attend Auburn Airwaves this year?

Smaller and smaller portions of the student activities fees are being allocated to put on concerts and student programming. Auburn UPC is supplementing with ticketing in order to still put on a concert with big-name artists.


Why is Auburn Airwaves in the fall instead of the spring?

Auburn University administration has requested for the concert to be in the fall instead of the spring.


What happened to the funds from the spring concert?

Since we are in the same fiscal year, the funds from the spring are being used to put on this fall concert.


Will there still be a concert in the spring?

It is to be decided based on the outcome of the budget and finance hearings next month.


Why is Auburn Airwaves inside this year?

Because of issues in previous years regarding weather and content, having the concert inside reduces the chances for things to go unexpectedly.


Where can I get tickets?

Tickets to Auburn Airwaves 2017 may be purchased at